BuyMyPlayer is the first sports fan-funding
platform of its kind, giving fans the opportunity to ‘pledge’ money to support the transfer of their desired player to a team of their choice.


Ready to become an important part of the game you love? let's get started.

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Simple, Have a transfer idea in your mind?
Create and select the player you would love to see on your team.If the transfer idea in your mind has already been created by another fan, you will be redirected to that creation and you will be able to support it. The more an idea is supported, the bigger the chance it has to move to the live transfer stage. You can support as many created transfer ideas as you wish. Once a player reaches the live transfer stage, this where the real action takes place! At this stage you will need to enter the amount that you are willing to contribute towards your clubs' success through a secured payment gateway. We will only post a live transfer after reaching a formal agreement with your club to collaborate on player transfers. The more you support transfer ideas, the faster we will get to the live transfer stage.
What do I get and when am I charged
If you are the creator of a transfer idea and the player ends up getting transferred to your favorite team, your joy will not end here. You could be entitled to different prizes such as, match tickets, signed jerseys and meeting the player himself. Other awards will also be announced as soon as a player reaches the LIVE transfer stage so stay tuned and don't miss out!
The fans contributions will be made by credit or debit card and don't worry, it is 100% safe through Paypal. Don't forget, if the player transfer does not take place. You will be refunded in full.